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Vaan empowers the new Indian generation to shape their own future and drive positive change in India.

Vaan moto mission

Big ideas in mobility not only move people but drive change.

This is the result of understanding how freedom of movement can empower forward thinking and ignite curiosity. We believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes and we believe that intelligent e-mobility is the vehicle to take this thinking forward. By changing mind-sets we hope to change attitudes. Using electricity to power vehicles is not a new idea, but the power it has to change perceptions and in turn, possibilities, is what we want to harness. We encourage like-minded individuals to push their own cognitive boundaries and we do it by empowering them with our mobility solutions.

value - respectful

We honour the past, the present and the future to respectfully initiate change.


We energize people to realise their visionary ideas.


We are makers, doers. We believe that if like-minded people come together we can create positive change.

Vaan News
march 11, 2020
The development of Vaan´s MTB bike is finished!

Vaan has completed the development of its MTB Ebike together with its design partner Kiska, Austria and Engineering partner Benelli, Italy. Competitive premium MTB with Benelli centre motor, Benelli Drive system, Benelli Battery Management system and Benelli LCD Display

march 5, 2020
Featuring Vaan Minifold Classic teaser on our YouTube channel.

Benelli folding Aluminium frame, Benelli Leather seats, Hand Brushed Aluminum foldable handles and saddles, 2 KG removable battery pack, 40 KM Range.


march 3, 2020
Vaan Benelli Linker Sport- Ebike review by Dr Louis George

Dr Louis George an ESI hospital surgeon giving review of Vaan Ebike Linkersport. He has been using Ebike for last one year and saved 72000 INR on fuel and he is commuting 50kms everyday on his Ebike.


DECEMBER 25, 2019
Tesla Pickup Truck Makes World Debut: Cybertruck Shocks World

Tesla just revealed it's shocking electric pickup truck to the world and we now know some official details, including specs, pricing, range and more...

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APRIL 04, 2020
Taking The Cake: CAKE Wins 2020 Red Dot Award

It sure didn't look like a piece of cake for CAKE to take the cake. The Red Dot Award has become established internationally as one of the most prestigious prizes for design...

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APRIL 03, 2020
British EV Converter Equips Royal Enfield With Electric Powerplant

Electric motorcycles will be integral to reducing global pollution levels, especially if they’re adopted in countries like India. While startups like Devot Motors and One Electric are pushing the ...

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APRIL 06, 2019
How good can Super73’s cheapest electric bike be?

Super73 is all about the laid-back, Southern California style. These electric bikes place an emphasis on the mini-bike styling and give the feel of zooming around town on an electric moped...

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APRIL 06, 2020
Revealed: Cheapest And Most Expensive Countries To Buy An EV

According to new research from CompareTheMarket, the U.S. is the 7th cheapest country in which to buy an EV, placing within the top-10 list dominated mostly by European nations....

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APRIL 04, 2020
NIO Introduces navigation on pilot and Revamped Parking Assist

The Chinese company NIO announced this month the introduction of two new, in-house developed advanced driver assistance features for its ES6 and ES8 electric cars...

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