Update your style and fitness with the new expression of VAAN VBAND featuring a diamond shaped angular case with an IPS display and easily interchangable straps.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

The VAAN VBAND provide a more efficient and accurate real-time measurement of your blood pressure.

It monitors your blood pressure through out the entire day, even while you are sleeping.

Get Better Sleep Care

Healthy sleep is the basis for healthy living. VAAN VBAND tracks your heart rate during sleep to recognize the three phases and analyze the sleep quality.

Female Cycle Tracking

Quickly record information about your menstrual cycle with Wofit app, including dates, flow levels, and results from ovulation predictor kits.VAAN VBAND will alert you when your period is about to start, and estimate when your fertile window will begin.

Heart Rate Tracking

Engage in your favourite sports activities while VAAN VBAND keeps track of your real-time heart rate, calories burned and duration of the workout. The detail statistics of your heart rate is recorded with wofit app.

Shake And Take Photo

Now selfies are more easier than before. Shake your VAAN VBAND fitness band and take photos in your phone through wofit app.

Simply Tough

With an IP67 rating the VAAN VBAND allows you to enjoy your favourite watersports better than ever done before. The durable design allow you to be more active outdoors.

Smart Health Tracking

VAAN VBAND track your progress towards your fitness goals by giving the exact number of steps, calories burned and the distance you covered during your entire workout.

Life Assistant On Your Wrist

Raise your wrist to check the notifications of messages or phone calls. Always stay in touch with your family or friends.

Astonishing Power

VAAN VBAND consumes less energy to achieve astonishing power for all day and night support. This smart fitness band optimizes the power consumption for a longer lasting battery upto 5 days.

  • Color Black, Blue
  • Dimensions & Weight 47.5mm X 21mm X 13.5mm, 11.5g
  • Display 0.96 inch IPS display
  • Strap 22mm
  • Battery 130mAh
  • Connectivity BLE 4.0
  • Sensor G-sensor, Heart rate sensor
  • Charge Built-in charge port
  • Durability IP67
  • Compatibility WoFit app
    Android: Android 4.4 or above
    IOS: IOS 9.0 or above